There are a lot of “YouTube video download” tools out there, but SubWay is different: With the SubWay freeware, you can download videos from your favorite YouTube channels, and automatically search for and download newly-uploaded videos on these channels, in one click.

TL;DR: Download the application here!

First of all, SubWay is freeware. More specifically, it is: FREE of charge. Adware-FREE. Malware-FREE. Spyware-FREE. Registration-FREE.

With SubWay, downloading YouTube videos is as simple as this:
  • Subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels.
  • Let the program automatically search for and download new videos of those channels to your local computer.
Features include:
  • Automatic organization of downloaded videos in sub-folders
  • Per-channel search / download options configuration
  • Support for arbitrary video resolutions, including Full-HD and 4K UHD.
For its actual download functionality, YouTube relies on the free and open-source software youtube-dl.

SubWay comes with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (UI) as well as with a command-line version, allowing for fully-automatic downloads using your operating system’s task scheduler.

SubWay is released as an operating system independent Java program.

Note that SubWay is currently released as an early public tryout “beta” version. It may contain functionality which may be incomplete, or which has not been thoroughly tested yet. By using this software, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.

Expect more features in upcoming versions.

1 Learn

Learn more about how to install and use SubWay by reading its comprehensive user’s manual. It contains many tips about how to get the best out of the program.

Download the user’s manual here:

User’s manual (PDF) (

2 Download

SubWay needs the following software to be installed on your system:
  • The Java runtime environment 8.0+. This is distributed for free on the Java homepage.
  • The Python interpreter 2.6+. This is required by the youtube-dl program. It is distributed for free on the Python homepage.
  • youtube-dl which is used as the actual video downloader. It can be downloaded for free on the youtube-dl homepage.
  • Optionally, ffmpeg, which allows youtube-dl to download high-quality videos (Full-HD and higher) by combining so-called DASH format video / audio files together (see setup instructions for Windows). It can be downloaded for free on its homepage.
Having installed these prerequisites, you can then download SubWay here:

Download for Windows, Mac, Linux: FREE, 8.5MB (ZIP) (

3 Installation & Start

SubWay comes without an installation routine. Simply unzip the ZIP file to the folder of your choice.

On the first application startup, a setup wizard will guide you though the basic configuration of SubWay. Please refer to the user’s manual for more information.


SubWay is a project I realized in my spare time, primarily for my own personal use, but I ultimately thought that I may share it in the hope that other might find it useful too.

I’m a professional software developer. For me, SubWay is primarily an exercise in building high quality desktop applications in the Java programming language. This project is not about profitability. I’m developing this software for my own pleasure, and I may or may not continue expanding / updating it in the future.

If you are a software developer yourself, you may want to read more about the technical background of this application. In fact, my whole blog addresses fellow professional developers, discussing software development-related themes, including Java, Groovy, Web, Agile and associated topics.

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